Tantrwm Facebook Competitions for your Website

Facebook competitions really get you noticed

Are you looking to build your Facebook audience with the right customers? A Facebook competition can be a brilliant way to do this. There are lots of ways to run competitions but Tantrwm have found that for a business that wants to grow it’s audience, using a Facebook app is best.If you’re not familiar with the idea of a Facebook Competition app imagine a small website that is installed directly into your Facebook page and that’s what it is! Simply it put it extends the functionality of Facebook in a controlled way to do the following:

  • Increase Facebook Page likes
  • Capture information (such as name and email or anything else you want to know)
  • Increase the viral awareness of your brand
  • Promote products and services to the Facebook audience (8 Billion and growing!)

The special offer price for a Facebook Competition app is £499 – Offer available until July 31st 2014.

Want to claim this offer?

Call 01685 876700 and we will help.

The T&CsHere’s what is included for £225:

  • Creation of Facebook competition app – either a caption app or a giveaway app, Other Facebook apps such as photo contest extra
  • Hosting for one month
  • Admin of the competition (picking a winner for example and providing the email addresses as an excel file)
  • Marketing support (up to 2 hours) – We have lots of great tips and ideas for how to get entries

Here’s what is not included:

  • Facebook advertising support and ad budget (Available at an extra negotiable cost)
  • Providing the prize