How did Tantrwm do? – Training

Thank you for choosing for Tantrwm your recent training.

We want to know how we performed. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients, and promise to take everything you say on board so we can make sure your future customer experiences are happy ones.


The Feedback

Tell us what you thought of our training session.
Did you know what to expect from the course? Did you know to bring necessary equipment and prep work? Did you find our office from our directions OK?
How was parking? Did we provide enough refreshments? Was the equipment that we supplied up to scratch? Was it too hot or too cold for you?
Do you think you will use the things you were taught? Do you feel the content was too advanced or too basic for your needs?
Did the tutor explain things clearly? Do you think the tutor was knowledgeable in the subject area? Did the tutor answer any questions well?
Are you happy with the order things were taught in? Were things taught too slowly or too quickly?